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Community Councils

The responsibilities of the community councils are :

1.   Promote SWOP in their community

  • Go to the schools and talk with the youth about the SWOP program
  • Tell community members what SWOP is about and what the youth do during the program
  • Answer any questions people may have about the program


2.   Recruit community funding support

  • Call on the businesses in their community, tell them about SWOP and ask them to invest in the youth of the community by making a tax deductible contribution to SWOP
  • Ask individuals to become a “Friend of SWOP”


3.   Carry out annual community fundraiser events

  • Help organize the fundraiser dinners and/or silent auctions for their community
  • Solicit the help of the previous years SWOP youth and their parents to work at the dinner and provide desserts
  • Collect in kind donations for the dinner and the silent auctions


4.   Conduct youth participant selection process in their community

  • Organize the selection committee
  • Participate in the selection
  • Help notify the youth of their decision