Forming the selection committee: Each town forms its own selection committee. This committee shall consist of a least one member of the board and community council, as well as community members with knowledge of the applicants (such as teachers, school counselors, librarians, paraprofessionals, bus drivers, etc.) Any SWOP Board member who is the relative of an applicant cannot be on the selection committee.

When selecting the youth for the summer program we are looking for group balance.


  • Gender
  • Age
  • Needs
  • Strengths

We do not want all the same age, gender or grade. We want to try to balance the participation if possible. Youth grow by forming new relationships and by building a diverse team. Youth also benefit when SWOP is not a program that creates stereotypes.

Balance of needs and strengths: SWOP is for those who need it, not just for those who we believe “deserve” it. The selection committee does not label our youth applicants as “good kids” or “troublemakers”, or select them on a basis of these labels.

Eligibility to participate in the program: The youth has to live in the town, go to church in the town orgo to school in the town in which the program is held. They have to be able to handle physical work. We also are not equipped to handle major behavioral or other challenges.

Other considerations: Most youth are accepted for the program for one summer. Each year one or two may be selected for a second year. No youth is eligible for a third summer.

If a youth applied last year and was not hired, they should be given first consideration the next year, unless there was a compelling reason for them not being hired.

Once hired, parents must guarantee transportation.

Look at the number of days they know they will miss. If someone is going to be gone for several of the days during the program, you may want to consider another applicant. Our program is for six weeks, 3 days a week, totaling 18 days.

Up to half of the spots can be filled by members of host organizations.

Consideration can be given to selecting a youth applicant for their second site choice.

Notification: All youth who applied should be notified as soon as possible, whether they were accepted, not accepted, or placed on the waiting list. If possible, this is to be a direct phone call. Three phone calls if needed should be made. Direct contact needs to be made with both the youth and the parent/guardian. A follow up letter to those hired is recommended with information about the parent-youth orientation night.