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2013 (24)  SWOP YOUTH

The youth of the SWOP program are 11 to 14 years of age. This group is largely left on their own without supervision during the day and we are offering something to them that will help them to make wise choice, learn good work ethics and the importance of volunteering in their communities. In addition, they will be able to earn money of their own.


Outreach to Schools


For kids to know what SWOP is, and decide to apply, it is not enough to send printed information. A person or a small group of people must go to the schools of the communities where SWOP is present. Contact school administrators first to explain the program and ask for permission to publicize the program in the school. Ways to promote include talking to students directly in their classes, handing out applications, answer questions that students have, or any other form of direct promotion such as, but not limited to, pamphlets and flyers. It is highly recommended that this outreach be done in spring while applications are available to potential workers