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slider1Chisholm Quotes 2013

Austin W – I really like SWOP. It was super fun. I hope to be in it next year.
Isabel N – SWOP made my summer great. Thank you everyone in SWOP, it was a great experience.
Danielle P – SWOP was really fun
Lily S – I loved SWOP, thank you
Dominic S – Thank you for letting me be in SWOP, I had a great time.

Quotes 2010

I also learned that when you help the community you feel good and you probably make other people feel good as well. Meeting the elderly really put a big smile on my face and also on theirs. And when people are smiling and happy that makes me feel amazing. — Abby

I learned it’s okay to be different because no one will judge you here. We are all equal. There are really no words to say how awesome this program is. I mean, it does not feel like a program, it feels like something caring. There are no words to say how good SWOP is. It is the most fun thing I have ever done in my life. – Kayelynn

SWOP has taught me how to save money and how to be responsible. It has been fun and a good experience. – Ryan

SWOP has taught me more than life lessons, SWOP has helped me to find myself and begin to be more comfortable in my own skin. – Lynndzie

SWOP is a very hard program, I think everyone can agree on that, but it is also a lot of fun and you get to do a lot of cool things. – Gabby

Quotes from Chisholm team members

SWOP is very fun and it should go on all year. EK

I had a great summer with the SWOP team learning and trying new things. I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this. MQ

Make the program longer. TS

Thank you for the wonderful experience. JS

The program is fun. SL

One thing I learned in SWOP is that I am a good person to our community. I learned that who I am makes a difference and it says that on my name tag. – Hayley

With SWOP I feel like I have a purpose. I learned how to be responsible. – Jaclyn